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El libro A SUMMER AT SEA escrito en español sobre Literatura contiene 368 paginas, escritas por el escritor KATIE FFORDE , 2017 distribuido por la editoral ARROW (RANDOM)

  • Autor KATIE FFORDE , 2017
  • Categoria Literatura
  • Editorial ARROW (RANDOM)
  • Paginas 368
  • ISBN 9780099579328

Breve descripción y sinopsis del libro A SUMMER AT SEA

Emily is happy with her life as it is.

She has a career as a midwife that she loves.

She likes to live alone as a single woman.

But it also feels like it's time for a change and a little sea air.

So when her best friend Rebecca asks her if she would like to spend the summer cooking on a puffer boat right off the Scottish coast, she takes the opportunity.

But she barely has time to understand cooking before she finds herself with a lot on her plate.

Rebecca is very pregnant and is delighted to have her friend on board to do most of the work.

Then there's Emily's competitive and jealous kitchen assistant, who thinks she should be the best, not Emily.

And there's Alasdair, the handsome local doctor that Emily is desperately trying not to notice.

Because if she falls in love with him, as he seems to be falling in love with her, will he want his old life back?


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