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El libro ANCIENT GREEK FORTIFICATIONS 500-336 BC escrito en español sobre Historia contiene 487 paginas, escritas por el escritor NIC FIELDS , 2006 distribuido por la editoral OSPREY PUBLISHING

  • Autor NIC FIELDS , 2006
  • Categoria Historia
  • Paginas 487
  • ISBN 9781841768847

Breve descripción y sinopsis del libro ANCIENT GREEK FORTIFICATIONS 500-336 BC

The development of the city-state in the classical period of Greek history ensured a change in the nature of the fortifications in the region.

They were no longer fortresses designed to defend a ruler and his entourage, but the entire citizen body had to be protected against any external threat.

The enceinte of these Greek city-states did not have to be very high or strong, since the conflict between city-states was still decided by the spear and the shield, although the science of fortification was still being thought of.

This book details the construction and continued development of the defences that protected some of Greece's most illustrious sites during the most famous period of its history.


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