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El libro FRENCH (4 CD-AUDIO) escrito en español sobre Idiomas contiene 624 paginas, escritas por el escritor VV.AA. , 2017 distribuido por la editoral ASSIMIL

  • Autor VV.AA. , 2017
  • Categoria Idiomas
  • Editorial ASSIMIL
  • Paginas 624
  • ISBN 9782700518139

Breve descripción y sinopsis del libro FRENCH (4 CD-AUDIO)

With Assimil, learning French has never been so accessible: its intuitive assimilation method has allowed millions of users to learn a new language.

Whether you are a beginner or just want to revise your French, the 113 lessons with their lively dialogues, simple notes and practical exercises will allow you to absorb the language naturally and progressively.

By studying 30-40 minutes a day, in just a few months you will be able to converse comfortably in French in a variety of everyday or professional situations.

The package includes a book and 4 audio CDs.

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