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El libro LA FELICITAT EN UNA CROQUETA escrito en español sobre Cocina contiene 200 paginas, escritas por el escritor LAURA CONDE , 2014 distribuido por la editoral ARA LLIBRES

  • Autor LAURA CONDE , 2014
  • Categoria Cocina
  • Editorial ARA LLIBRES
  • Paginas 200
  • ISBN 9788415642817

Breve descripción y sinopsis del libro LA FELICITAT EN UNA CROQUETA

Rhodes, rectangular or cylindrical?

Of ceps or pork leg?

With panko or with the classic pa ratllat?


Ens atrevim to freeze?

What restaurants do you like to be at home in?

The croquettes have been around for a long time, hello they are a millenary art, but, after all, there were tricks of the trade or amagats ingredients that have been left out of the teu abast.

Congratulations on a croquette on the size of the most magical world of the most difficult surprises and invites you to discover the origins and the history of these three, the mysteries of the beixamel, the optimal conjursors to scrub like a croquette, the tricks and the receptors of the great xefs, the most unsuspected ingredients, the times that sublime the capricious...


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