El libro LEARNING DREAMWEAVER CS6 WITH 100 PRACTICAL EXERCICES escrito en español sobre Informática contiene 216 paginas, escritas por el escritor VV.AA. , 2013 distribuido por la editoral S.A. MARCOMBO

  • Autor VV.AA. , 2013
  • Categoria Informática
  • Editorial S.A. MARCOMBO
  • Paginas 216
  • ISBN 9788426719058

Breve descripción y sinopsis del libro LEARNING DREAMWEAVER CS6 WITH 100 PRACTICAL EXERCICES

Dreamweaver is the ultimate website creation and editing software available today.

It is the perfect software for web designers and developers as well as for graphic designers.

By following this manual you will learn how to use it comfortably and without problems.

In this new version of Dreamweaver, Adobe has added exciting new features to its tools and features, further increasing the user's editing capabilities.

In addition, the program offers several features aimed especially at those users who enjoy working with both HTML and CSS or Javascript.

With this book you will:

Create professional-looking websites with virtually no effort.

Learn more about the new CSS fluid grid-based design and work better than ever with multi-display options.

Make CSS-based transitions to apply smooth changes to the properties of page elements.

Apply multiple CSS classes to the same element

Use creative web fonts that support the Internet.

Learning the collection

The collection "Learning with 100 practical exercises" is designed as a quick and easy way to learn how to use the most commonly used programs.

These books are aimed at all those who want to learn how to use the programs they consider necessary for work, leisure or other use.

These exercises are not intended to make you a computer expert and, above all, do not require you to spend an excessive number of hours learning.

The experience of Marcombo and MEDIAactive in the creation of educational materials has led us to design this type of manual where each of the functions of the programs are learned through a practical exercise.

These exercises are explained step by step and click by click to leave readers in no doubt as to how to implement what they learn.

The step-by-step illustrations help you understand the exercises and what is explained in the text.

This learning system results in greater retention of program functions, with less time spent studying concepts and more time practicing them.

Collection "Learning with 100 exercises" for effortless learning"


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