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El libro LEE escrito en español sobre Fotografía contiene 144 paginas, escritas por el escritor LEE RADZIWILL , 2015 distribuido por la editoral B&T BOOKS

  • Autor LEE RADZIWILL , 2015
  • Categoria Fotografía
  • Editorial B&T BOOKS
  • Paginas 144
  • ISBN 9781614284697

Breve descripción y sinopsis del libro LEE

As it began in the bestseller Happy Times, Lee Radziwills' colorful journey continues in the long-awaited Lee.

In this quest for privacy and freedom within a highly publicized life, Radziwill shares his unique perspective as a witness to history, remembering his friendships with the many cultural figures, from Rudolf Nureyev to Truman Capote, who have punctuated his life.

Full of anecdotes and personal photographs, Lee is Radziwills' reflection on the people who have opened intellectual and emotional doors throughout his life.

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